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Today’s students deserve policies that drive success. Here’s how you can take action to support today’s students—and why it matters.

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Tell your member of Congress to support today’s students TODAY through the fast and easy-to-use form and sample email text below. If you are a student impacted by college closures or restrictions, add your personal story in your email message.

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On May 12, the Today’s Students Coalition sent a letter to Congress urging policymakers to continue to support today’s students in COVID-19 emergency legislation. Basic needs, health, and wellness continue to be insurmountable challenges for today’s students, particularly during these uncertain times. According to survey data from The Hope Center, 39 percent of students reported food insecurity in the prior 30 days; 46 percent reported housing insecurity in the previous year; and 17 percent reported experiencing homelessness in the previous year.

Students need stable and affordable access to food, particularly as campuses have closed as a result of the coronavirus pandemic. States have reported dramatic increases in SNAP applicants since the beginning of the pandemic. It is clear that postsecondary students are continuing to face food insecurity, so Congress should amend SNAP rules to allow states to waive the student exclusion, making otherwise income-eligible students able to participate in the SNAP program for the duration of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Further, as a result of shortcomings of the CARES Act, more than one million students were left behind by rules around stimulus checks and emergency aid. Policymakers should right these wrongs by financially supporting students specifically through stimulus checks or the creation of a direct student support grant program.

Congress should act NOW to ensure today’s students get the support they need. Use the simple form to the right to ask your member of Congress to support today’s students experiencing hardships due to the COVID-19 pandemic by expanding food access and including all students in financial assistance payments.

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