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    Student Success Center Toolkit

    The Student Success Center Toolkit is a compilation of materials to assist Student Success Center executive directors as they launch, staff, operate, and susta…

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    Putting Pell Grants to work for working students

    Federal higher education policy has historically been designed to expand access to traditional two-and four-year academic degree programs, with a particular fo…

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    Powerful Partners: Businesses and Community Colleges

    In today’s economy, the demand for skilled workers is greater than ever before—with approximately 80 percent of jobs requiring candidates to have some form of …

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    Limited Means, Limited Options

    To better understand the nature and scope of inequities in college affordability, Lumina Foundation’s Affordability Benchmark can act as a guide for what stude…

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    National Veteran Education Success Tracker

    AMERICA has helped service members transition from military to civilian life through the transformative powerof education since World War II. This transition h…

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    Hungry and Homeless in College

    Food and housing insecurity among the nation’s community college students threatens their health andwellbeing, along with their academic achievements. Addressi…

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    Hidden in Plain Sight: Understanding Part-Time College Students in America

    Too often, it is assumed that the average college student is the 19-year-old living in a dorm and studying in the sunshine on a leafy quad. In reality, many of…

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    Adult Training and Education

    This report presents data on adults’ training and education in the United States as of 2016. The report focuses on nondegree credentials and work experience pr…

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